About Us

Our Italian Chairman Mr. Nicola Belli, after 20 years of experience with Indian Stones (at the beginning as rough blocks inspector for various Italian companies and later as slabs freelance for well reputed Indian companies) in 2013 established Integrated Stone Resources.

Under his supervision, a professional Team of “stone experts” select the best material from our suppliers across India creating.


The GOAL of the company is to provide high quality service to our worldwide customers.

We select for them the best of Granite, Marble and Quartz in form of slabs, tiles, cut to size and blocks proudly Made in India.

High Standards of quality in processing and inspection for the thousands of containers shipped in the last many years, gave us the chance to become one of the most well known name in the market.

Strong of our great connections with the best marble’s quarries in Italy, we are also focusing to develop a growing activity of supplying marble rough blocks to be used in the local market by the Indian companies.


Integrated Stone Resources Pvt Ltd is our service focused answer to the rising demand of quality natural stones in blocks, slabs and tiles, with any type of finishes. We stand for the highest quality standard of natural stone combined with perfect service.Our strong value of system encourages us to not only perform in accordance with regulations and standards in the stone industry, but also earn the trust of our customers, suppliers and employees.

We determinedly believe by offering and realizing our essential values such as

  • Liability
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Availability (Produce and Supply)
  • Service (Samples supply, products pictures, selection of preferred blocks)
  • Continuity

It is our shared obligation with customers and clients to conduct business honestly, ethically and transparently so that we can continue to achieve excellent results on a global scale